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Latvian event agencies are convincingly proving themselves in world-class competitions

This year has brought several international awards to Latvian event agencies - the creative association “Skudras Metropole” and design solution company "Don't Panic" have won platinum and three gold awards in one of the most prestigious event competitions in the world “Eventex Awards 2022”, where the best entertainment and cultural events from around the world are awarded, and event agency "Luka" triumphed at the prestigious festival "Heavent Award", winning the Grand Prix.

The Eventex Awards 2022 festival and competition is in its 12th year to celebrate creativity, innovation and efficiency in the industry. It is the most highly regarded recognition in the world of events and marketing, which is a true symbol of excellence. In total 606 applications from 33 countries were submitted to the competition. Among the finalists and award winners are brands and events such as Samsung, G20 Summit, IHF, Porsche, UFC, Volkswagen, Eurovision 2021, BUD NL and many more. The Floating Island project, created by the creative association “Skudras Metropole” and the design solutions company Don’t Panic, received platinum and gold awards. Floating Island is a unique design and architecture object available to anyone who wants to enjoy unforgettable romantic and inspiring moments, because the island in the lake is located so that there are different viewpoints and the longest possible sunset. Floating Island offers a unique, unforgettable and inspiring experience for its guests, who must keep in mind that "Untamed nights" is and remains untamed. The island is powered by solar energy, which provides lighting and electricity for all household items. There are hidden QR codes where you can find out unique stories, as well as listen to the sonata of Lake Mordanga. It should be noted that last year this association surprised with a levitating mirror house above the Amata River, winning several prestigious competitions. In the Mirror House, those interested could enjoy an unprecedented adventure of the night. While lying over the river, listen to the sounds of the wind, the songs of birds, the chirping of the river rapids, the beasts that crossed the river at night, or watch the starry sky.

Another pearl of “Skudras Metropole” was created for the brand Hugo Boss during the pandemic - an event in a box - and was awarded two gold prizes. The event was in ten languages ​​and was distributed to 12 countries. In order for such a project to become a reality, 30 Latvian companies invested their art and work. The unique idea Event in a box lasted 3 hours and gave the box users a new experience, a sense of adventure and a special message for the brand. The interactive adventure provided an exclusive insight into the process of creating the new collection, showed the progress of the collection, introduced the inspirations of designers, the choice of colours, the emergence of prints, ready-made clothes for the new collection. The project created design items for special food enjoyment, various games and their elements, applications that revived printing, the latest technological possibilities, as well as a fashion show in 3D format on each customer's personal dessert plate.

Latvia also successfully bears its name in the international arena by the producer Inese Lukasevska and her event agency "Luka" - the prize won in the competition "Behind the spotlight" is the first in history for Latvia. A total of 167 entries from 20 countries were submitted in the eight categories of the competition, including: Germany, the Netherlands, France, the USA, Saudi Arabia, Norway, Portugal, Morocco, Spain, Italy and other countries. The agency "Luka" was the only representative of the Baltics, whose work was included among the 45 finalists. World-renowned brands such as Microsoft, Vodafone, Michelin, Bugatti Automobiles and many others entered the competition. The idea of ​​the "Behind the spotlight" competition is to reveal the behind-the-scenes of the event by building it in front of the audience. The whole event was created as a theatrical, choreographic performance, in which the audience transforms from the visitors into the creators of the event.

The award-winning work of the event agency "Luka" can be viewed through a short video. The "Luka" team has managed to demonstrate that organizing events is creative and exciting, but at the same time hard and complex work, the backstage of which we often do not think about.

On the website you can find out more about the opportunities to enjoy the award-winning projects. Untamed nights is an adventure for every guest who is looking for the presence of nature, ready for new feelings and experiences. For everyone who wants to find inspiration, joy, enjoy something unprecedented. For those who want to enjoy the songs of birds, the sound of the river, the swarms of the night fog of the lake, the magic of the forest, the rays of the setting sun. Relax from the hustle and bustle of the urban jungle and the city. Find peace and comfort in the charm of nature.

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