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Best off the beaten track conference locations in Latvia

The majority of conferences are held in Riga, the capital of Latvia, and Jūrmala, that is located nearby. In addition to these popular spots, Latvia offers more secluded conference venues. Found in some of the country's most picturesque areas, these  hidden gems create an atmosphere perfect for creativity and concentration. Whether it's a historic manor or a modern complex, these locations ensure a productive and memorable event.


Distance from the capital: 52 km

Venues: 12

Capacity: up to 1000 people

Sigulda is a much-loved travel destination with multiple picture-perfect attractions on the forested shores of the river Gauja. At less than an hour's drive from Riga, Sigulda is an excellent location for small conferences, teambuilding and corporate entertainment programmes.

Sigulda Medieval Castle is one of the most popular sites and a striking venue for concerts and gatherings. Just beyond the town's borders, Turaida Museum Reserve and Krimulda Manor offer meeting spaces with a historical ambience and views across the scenic river valley.   

There are also newer venues such as  Devons, a purpose-built arts centre and Baltais flīģelis, a music venue designed to resemble and named after a grand piano.


Distance from the capital: 90 km

Venues: 6

Capacity: up to 805 people

With more than 800 years of history, well-preserved architectural heritage and a location in the scenic Gauja National Park, Cēsis is truly one of the oldest and most  picturesque towns in Latvia. Rich in breathtaking landscapes and testimonies of the past, it embodies both an intriguing sense of antiquity and modern self-esteem. 

Major event venues are Cesis Concert Hall and Cesis Castle Complex, one of the most iconic and best preserved medieval castles in Latvia. 


Distance from the capital: 107 km

Venues: 14

Capacity: up to 2300 people

Valmiera is the biggest city in Latvia's northeastern region of Vidzeme only 50 km from Estonia border. Nowadays Valmiera is a self-sufficient regional center for education, manufacturing and innovation, and also excels at partnerships and collaboration.

Valmiera Theatre, Cultural space Akustika and Valmiera Cultural Center are major drivers for local cultural tourism and key venues for meetings and conferences. For those who love less traditional places, it is possible to adapt the Multifunctional Hall of the Valmiera Olympic Center, which can accommodate up to 2300 people.


Distance from the capital: 215 km

Venues: 7

Capacity: up to 1000 people

Liepaja is Latvia's third most populous city. It dates back to the 13th century when a village emerged on the shores of the Baltic Sea, Lake Liepaja and the lost river Liva. Modern Liepāja combines a global outlook with the benefits of a small town.

Most visible on the Liepaja skyline is Great Amber Concert Hall wich is most popular event place in the city. Other venues, includes Liepaja Theatre, the oldest still existing Latvian theatre,  Liepaja Museum and Liepaja Olympic Center, one of the most multifunctional sports, culture, conference and leisure complexes in Europe.


Distance from the capital: 230 km

Venues: 11

Capacity: up to 550 people

Daugavpils is second most populous city in Latvia, a multicultural, multiethnic and multifunctional city. It’s the birthplace of artist Mark Rothko, and home to Baznīcu kalns (Church Hill) where Lutheran, Catholic, Orthodox and Old Believers' houses of worship coexist in harmony.

It is possible to hold meetings and conferences in spectacular venues such as the Rothko Museum, Park Hotel Latgola with its top floor restaurant, and the purpose-built Dinaburg SPA Hotel with onsite spa.


Distance from the capital: 242 km

Venues: 1

Capacity: up to 2000 people

Rezekne is a centre of culture, education, and industry in the heart of Latgale, Latvia’s easternmost region with a distinct identity. With just under 30 000 residents, Rezekne is compact, but full of life. 

The largest cultural venue is the purpose-built Gors Rezekne with an onsite concert hall, exhibition space, cinema, and restaurant.

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