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Experience a variety of creative and exciting activities for your team building event. It is always a good opportunity to awaken the team spirit, and to give positive impressions to the participants of conferences and seminars.

"Rīgas Laivas" in the Andrejosta Yacht Club

If the planned event takes place in Riga and the tight schedule does not allow you to go to more distant destinations, "Rīgas Laivas" in the Andrejosta Yacht Club offers an opportunity to get to know the dynamics of the city of Riga from a completely different point of view - with kayaks or SUP boards. Depending on the wishes of the guests, it is possible to choose 7 km, 11 km or 15 km routes, passing the turns of the market canal and getting to know a completely different Riga - active and industrially romantic

Private city rally by "PanCars"

Bringing the team together while getting to know Riga is possible all through the year - fun and exciting events are offered by "PanCars", which organizes adventure trips for both small and large groups of over 210 people. The private city rally with an individualized route, including various control points located all over Riga. There are several different tasks included in the legend of the route, that’s why it will be ideal for team building. 

Discovering Riga Central Market

Lovers of more peaceful activities have the opportunity to go on an exciting excursion, discovering the Riga Central Market accompanied by a professional guide. Riga Central Market attracts attention with a long history unknown to many. During the tour, you can find out how it became the largest and most modern market in Europe, for what purpose the Central Market pavilions were used during the Second World War and during the Soviet era. It will also be possible to get to the basement of the market, as well as watch the market from the platform above. At the end of the tour, you can also enjoy tastings.

airBaltic Training centre

It is possible to enjoy the sensations of flight and test your strength in the pilot's seat without leaving Riga. The airBaltic Training centre is located within walking distance of the Riga International Airport, which will be a great place for relaxation and gathering for guests who are passionate about aviation and technical matters. The centre offers a tour of the building and training equipment, operation in the Diamond DA40/42 simulator accompanied by an experienced instructor or engineer, and training on various safety procedures in case of unforeseen accidents.

Hikes with bog shoes by "Purva bridēji"

Those who want to enjoy being in nature, fresh air and unforgettable views will be attracted by the offer of the organization "Purva bridēji". The company chooses a route that matches everyone's wishes and provides everything necessary for the hike. Experienced and attractive guides lead the trek and capture unforgettable moments in photographs. Hikes with bog shoes, which can last from 2.5 hours to the whole day, are organized in Cena moor (waiting for sunrise or sunset), Rukšu moor, Niedrāju-Pilka moor, magical Ķemeri moor and many other places.

The bobsleigh and sledge track "Sigulda"

Many have heard of Latvia's talented bobsledders and skeleton racers, but not everyone knows that when visiting Sigulda, you can step into the shoes of the champions yourself and slide down the bobsleigh and sled track, which has 16 turns. Its length is more than 1200 m and it is possible to develop a speed of up to 125 km/h. The bobsleigh and sledge track "Sigulda" offers its guests' entertainment and leisure opportunities both in winter and summer - riding a bobsleigh or a summer bobsled. 

Līgatne net park

A few tens of minutes’ drive from Sigulda and the toboggan track is Līgatne, which offers you to try your hand at the netting park. The Līgatne net park team offers a wide range of collective bonding programs - from walking through the nearby forests, ravines and rivers to the opportunity to move through the nets near the treetops.

Vienkoču Park - a place for walking and recreation

If you prefer a quieter rest, we suggest you visit the Vienkoču Park - a place for walking and recreation, where trails with many thematic objects of observation and learning have been created. Models of historical manors and other buildings, wooden sculptures, ethnographic buildings, one-timbered boats, and a tar kiln are located in the various areas of the park. The Woodcraft Museum is located in Vienkoči Park, which is arranged as an ancient workshop. 

Raft trips in Līgatne, Cēsis and Sigulda

The beautiful landscapes of Līgatne, Cēsis and Sigulda can also be enjoyed on raft trips. Trips can be adapted for different numbers of people, as well as routes of different length and degree of difficulty - from 6 km to 20 km and more. The raft is comfortable, stable, easy to control, equipped with comfortable chairs, table, grill and grill accessories. 

"Abava" winery

Every event can be made more exciting with delicious tastings, and why couldn’t it be Latvian wine tastings? In the "Abava" winery near Tukums, you can taste rhubarb sparkling wine and various other drinks and to get to know the brewery's story. In addition, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks are available for tasting, but the wine cellar can also be used for seminars or other events.

With the abundant offers both in Riga and its surroundings, everyone will be able to find the most suitable solution for themselves, both based on the number of people and what types of recreation and entertainment they like best. Each offered activity is an opportunity not only to get to know your colleagues and team members but also to learn something new about Latvia, which will certainly generate ideas for future trips.

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