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Latvian event agencies return from the prestigious BEA World Festival competition with golden awards

This year has brought several awards to Latvian event agencies at the “Bea World” – the International Festival of Events and Live Communication. The event agency "Luka" triumphed in the category “Low budget event” and “Best event” as judged by the audience, the creative association “Skudras Metropole” together with the design solutions company “Don’t Panic” received a bronze award in the category "Creative installation" and Riga city council as the 3rd medallist for the “Public institution event”.

Some say that “BEA World Festival” award for event organizers is equivalent to the “Grammy Award” for musicians or the “Oscars” for film industry professionals, so even getting on the shortlist is considered a success. The Festival identifies the world's best entertainment and cultural events. This year, 320 were applied for the competition - a record number of events. With 96 leading agencies from 32 countries competing against each other, several Latvian agencies among them.

The "Luka" agency and its manager, producer Inese Lukaševska, with the event “Gaismas krasts” (Shore of Light), triumphed, in the category “Low-budget event” and “Best event” according to the audience. “Luka” is a reputation management and communications agency – a team of outstanding professionals, who think outside the box and put creativity to good use in their approach towards communication. Dance is the symbol for the Latvian identity and culture. Using this love for dancing, the agency created the event “Gaismas krasts” (Shore of Light). The action took place on the 3rd of September of this year, gathering hundreds of Latvian residents of four generations, from toddlers to seniors, on the seashore of the Baltic Sea. As the sun set down, the participants started dancing in one second, creating a path of light eight kilometers long. It must be addressed that this is not the first award for the Luka agency. It has also been awarded in Eventex Awards, German Design Awards and entered the All Stars Index Top 20 ranking, which includes the best event organizers from around the world.

The name of the creative cooperation, “Skudras Metropole” + "Don't Panic" is not new to the event organizers. This year they received a bronze award in the category “Creative installation” for the project “Nature Gallery”. It’s a new concept event – an installation that combines science, art, unique design, gastronomy, technology and cultural developments. In the "Nature Gallery" visitors can enjoy contemporary poetry from the trees, or attend a musical performance of the installations "Sound in 360 degrees" and "Cinema on the lake" in a special sound hill. Guests also have the opportunity to spend the night in a uniquely designed lodge, which mechanically rotates around its axis and surprises with its sliding terrace. And it’s not the only work of art for the “Skudras Metrapole” and “Don’t panic”. On the website it is possible to find out more about award-winning projects - the levitating “Mirror House” above the river in Latvia, where during the day visitors can participate in coffee rituals, but at night can enjoy a night adventure, and the “Floating Island” - unprecedented design object in the world, artificially created island with green grass, different varieties of trees and plants for a unique coffee enjoyment.

Another winner - Riga city council. Latvia's capital was founded in 1201 and is one of the oldest cities in the Baltic Sea region. This year marked the city's 821st birthday, and usually, three-day-long celebrations are organized in August. This year the celebration concept was changed. It was organized with the global context in mind and to use its program to address current issues – fear and panic brought on by the war in Ukraine, doubting our courage, and the anxiety left by Covid-19. The traditional “Riga City Festival” this summer transformed into “Riga’s Summer of Courage and Joy” with the cultural program with more than 150 events, which took place for a period of over two months, from July till the end of August, in the center of the capital and in 10 of its neighborhoods. Every city resident and visitor could enjoy concerts, lectures, creative workshops, activities for families with children, open-air dance parties and story evenings. “Riga’s Summer of Courage and Joy” ended on the 20th of August, with balcony concerts, toasts, and the most delicious laugh and cake contest at the festive picnic in the Old Town -the heart of the city. The program aimed to create an environment and events in which people can meet and participate in cultural life, while ensuring the offer of a cultural program in the neighborhoods, encouraging city dwellers to get to know their city and their neighbors better.

This is how the events are organized in Latvia. We are proud of brave people with creative minds, that are keen to go beyond the limits of convenience.

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