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Rolls-Royce Ghost “Amber Roads” world premiere organized in Latvia

In early March, an exclusive presentation of the Rolls-Royce Ghost "Amber Roads" was held in Latvia, attended by over 30 journalists from various countries, including Germany, the United Kingdom, Sweden, Finland, Turkey, Austria, Poland, the Czech Republic, Switzerland, Azerbaijan, and Lithuania. This limited-edition car, inspired by the historic Amber Road trade route connecting the Baltic Sea coast with the Roman Empire, features amber-inspired design elements, including the marque’s signature Starlight Headliner. This presentation was organized by the creative events agency "Skudras Metropole", which has won multiple awards for its innovative and technologically complex events.

The British luxury car manufacturer Rolls-Royce has created an exclusive "Amber Roads" modification based on the well-known Ghost model, made in a limited series of 12 units and will be offered to customers around the world. Guests were not only introduced to the new car, but also had the opportunity to explore the charming city of Riga, the Old Town and the stunning Baltic Sea coastline. As the best location for the event, the holiday house on the shore of the Gulf of Riga was chosen. The venue itself allowed combining the story of amber, nature, and unique architecture – a masterpiece that lives in elegant harmony between land and sea, created by architect Zaiga Gaile.

Gundega Skudriņa, founder and creative director of the agency, points out that Latvia has potential and competitiveness for events of various scales. In this industry, individual approach, perfection in communication, ability to adapt to attitude and quality of services are of great importance, and these are the aspects in which we are very competitive and often even more successful compared to other European countries. Gundega expresses satisfaction not only with the event itself but also with the high level of professionalism of colleagues, industry partners, and various Latvian companies, which equally allows the implementation of challenging projects.

The event involved various companies, such as "Premium Transfer Solutions" that took care of logistics and provided professional drivers, without whom the car presentation would not have been successful. Similarly, chef Māris Jansons and the restaurant "KEST" allowed guests to experience contemporary Latvian cuisine and even taste edible amber. The company "RJK" was responsible for light and sound, DJ Mareks Ameriks, and many others. In the end, the positive feedback from guests also brings satisfaction. Gundega and Toms Veiss, the project manager, are both pleased to observe that when even the most hesitant people to arrive are reluctant to depart by the end of their stay, it serves as a meaningful indication of accomplishment.

Latvia really has everything you might need to implement even the most complex of ideas. And not less important, with a reduced budget compared to other Northern region countries, without sacrificing the quality of professionalism. When asked about what exactly shapes the quality of Latvia as a location for events, Skudriņa indicates that our need for high standards and aesthetics may be part of the so-called “Nordic DNA” – something we demand of ourselves and offer to our guests as well. And the most important is the willingness to learn and collaborate to help achieve our guests' goals. She emphasizes that we currently live in an era where cooperation is inevitable, sometimes even with competitors. And if all parties involved are focused on results and productivity, success will not be far behind. Gundega says that challenges in Latvia are seen as opportunities that we know and can take advantage of. A clear example of this is the "Rolls-Royce Ghost Amber Roads" presentation – a seemingly straightforward task with a defined brief but one that requires perfection to the smallest detail.

For those who currently consider Latvia as an event location, Gundega suggests not being hesitant to discover new horizons – and be sure Latvia will pleasantly surprise you. As elsewhere, one of the most important things is finding a reliable partner who has a background in your desired field and level of experience; it just takes starting with the first steps to be convinced of the quality.

"Skudras Metropole" organizes various live communication events, both corporate events and gastronomic performances. Their created events have always stood out with creative ideas and sometimes seemingly impossible visions, such as the levitating "Mirror House" above the Amata River, the "Floating Island" located in the picturesque Mordanga Lake, and the newest project "Nature Gallery", which is located on the shore of Gulbis Lake. Development on the Rolls-Royce Ghost “Amber Roads” project began in November 2022.

Just recently creative association “Skudras Metropole” and design solutions company “Don’t Panic” have been recognized twice at the prestigious "Heavent Awards 2023", with their delivered project in Germany "Boss Fall/Winter 2022 Fashion Food Gallery" that was awarded the SILVER prize in the "Brand Experience and Multichannel Event Award" category, while previously mentioned “Nature Gallery” project in West Latvia was granted the BRONZE award in the "Sport, Cultural, Educational or Entertainment Event Award" category. Our team wishes to not stop at what has been achieved and reach new heights in future!

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