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Rezekne is a centre of culture, education, and industry in the heart of Latgale, Latvia’s easternmost region with a distinct identity. Here, one can hear Latgalian, Latvian, Russian, Polish, and other languages. Rezekne is a proudly multinational city. It first expanded with the development of road and rail routes in the 19th and early 20th century but suffered dramatic damage during World War II. Under Soviet rule, it was rebuilt with a heavy focus on industry, but Rezekne has since reinvented itself again. 

While confidently keeping up with the times, the city is also home to a strong community, which treasures and sustains tradition. One of its sustainable development goals is to preserve the Latgalian culture and heritage. Religion also still holds meaning, and Rezekne's Catholic, Orthodox, Old Believers’ and Lutheran churches continue to gather congregations. 

Crossborder business is booming 

Thanks to its history, location within driving distance of Latvia's borders with Russia and Belarus, and the functioning railway, Rezekne maintains strong ties with the East and West. It remains an important point for trade and international cooperation. Many businesses operate in the city in industries such as wood processing, food production, mechanical engineering, and logistics. The local Rezekne Academy of Technologies prepares specialists in fields such as law, mechatronics, and border control. A branch of the Art Academy of Latvia prepares students for work in the creative industries.

Culture and tourism guide urban development

Locals and visitors benefit from multiple cultural venues. For example, the largest is the purpose-built Gors Rezekne with an onsite concert hall, exhibition space, cinema, and restaurant. Nearby Zeimu─╝s centre for creative services is a masterpiece of contemporary architecture. Major Rezekne hotels - Kolonna Hotel Rezekne, hotel Latgale and Restart  - are within walking distance of the venues. 

With just under 30 000 residents, Rezekne is compact, but full of life. Among other plans, the council intends to develop the area around Kovšu lake, envisaging a promenade, nature trails, beach cafes, camping and caravan park, and 4* SPA hotel. The future is bright! 

If seeking a lesser known location, hoping to gather delegates from Europe and CIS states, Rezekne is a convenient choice. For more info and proposals, contact the local tourism information centre!


Rezekne Tourism Development Centre
Address: Krasta Street 31, Rezekne
Telephone: +371 26332249; +371 64622222


Speaking languages: LV, RU, ENG


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Concert Hall GORS
Conference rooms: 5
Max. Conference Capacity: 2000
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